Members of the NJ State Bar Association & Hudson County Bar Association

J. Alvaro Alonso

Alvaro is the son of a single mom who worked as a secretary and legal assistant to a renown lawyer in Hudson county. His family emigrated from Spain looking for a better future here. He graduated from New England School of Law in 1994 and becoming a successful real estate and personal injuries lawyer.

Edgar Navarrete

Christina Vergara

Edgar comes from a legacy of attorneys. He represents the 5th generation of attorneys in his family. His father Jose Navarrete was the first Cuban admitted to the NJ bar. Edgar trained with him since 1982. He graduated in 1994 from NY Law School, practicing since December 1994, specializing in personal injury and criminal defense cases. In 2005 he became partner with J. Alvaro Alonso, continuing to successfully win cases.

Christina joined the firm in 2014. Previously she worked for the public defender's office, and she successfuly worked many employment discrimination cases. Now she specializes in criminal defense and personal injury cases.

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