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If you are about to enter into any type of legal contract, including a purchase and sale agreement for real estate or some other transaction, it is very important that you have the help of a qualified attorney before, during, and after the signing of the papers. Many people believe that a “simple” agreement does not require an attorney’s help, but this can be a costly mistake. Laws regarding contracts are complex and constantly changing, so you need the help of a professional who understands the intricacies of a sales and purchase agreement before you “sign on the dotted line.”

Here are some reasons you might want to consider hiring an attorney before you sign a purchase and sales agreement contract:

     •     You may not understand the specialized language used in purchase and sale agreement contracts. Contractual language has evolved from hundreds

          of years of legal practice, and it is not the same language used in everyday business correspondence. In order to understand this language, you may

          need the help of an attorney. This is no reflection on your intelligence or business sense; rather, it is an acknowledgement that attorneys, like all other

          highly-trained professionals, have spent years studying their particular craft, and have more working knowledge of it than the average person.

     •     Laws may differ from state to state. In today’s global economy, sales and purchase agreement contracts are made between people from different cities,

          states, and even countries, and laws in other locations may differ from those of New Jesey. To ensure that you do not miss important legal ramifications

          caused by intercity or interstate agreements, it is wise to have the assistance of a knowledgeable professional to advise you.

     •     An attorney can point out problems with a contract and work out solutions. Many people feel a bit intimidated when confronted with a legal

          contract–especially if the other party has a lawyer handling the affair. It is easy to sign a contract, believing that you are being treated fairly, only to find

          out that your purchase and sales agreement benefits the other party far more than you. Having your own attorney means you have an advocate, and

          someone will be watching out for your interests. If there are problems with the contract, your attorney can suggest workarounds, which will keep the

          playing field level for everyone concerned, and voice these opinions to the other party.

     •     An attorney can save you money. While it is easy to complain about spending money for legal representation, the cost of a good lawyer is minimal when

          compared to the money you will spend trying to fight an unfair or incomplete contractual obligation in court. By spending money for professional     

          representation at the start of your contractual negotiations, you can save thousands in future legal costs.

An attorney is always a good investment to prevent problems and save you money over the course of time. Talk to one of our attorneys today about your contract legal needs, especially the purchase and sale agreement. 

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